Turning Your Book Into a Movie

Q: Where can I find information about who would be interested in making my published psychological thriller into a movie? -Donna
A: First I’m going to assume you own the film rights to the novel, is that right? Check your contract if you aren’t sure.

Secondly, do you have an agent? If so, certainly she could shop the novel to filmmakers for you and could expertly handle the legal aspects of your contract.

Assuming you do have the rights and don’t have an agent, here are a couple of suggestions: first, you can check who is producing or agenting the latest movie deals at DoneDealPro.com (formerly ScriptSales.com). Look for projects similar in sensibility to yours, and target your queries accordingly.

You may also want to check Hollywood Creative Directory, producers edition, and try to track down independent producers that way.

Anne Bowling
Editor of 2001-2005 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Markets
Writer’s Digest Books