Capitalizing On Your Creativity Workshop

Make the creative writing process fun again with this creativity workshop. The stress you put on yourself to write the next bestseller plus the hectic pace of daily life can all affect your creativity.

How many times have you come up with a great idea but it never makes it to paper? Or you feel creatively tapped and aren’t sure how to get that creative spark back. Many writers struggle with finding time to write, developing strong ideas and even converting those ideas into good, solid words.

Capitalizing on Your Creativity helps you disconnect the distractions that prevent you from getting the most out of your creative self. Your writing will begin to flow more smoothly from mind to paper. You’ll be able to pack a punch in your writing sessions and really connect with yourself.

Workshop Duration: 4 Weeks – 1 lesson delivered to your inbox each week with 5 creativity exercises at the end of each lesson.

Cost: $20

If you have questions regarding the Email workshops, simply Email EmailWorkshops@FictionAddiction.NET. Ready to get started? Choose one of the convenient and secure payment methods below and you’re on your way to creative success!

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