What’s Writing an E-Book Really Worth?

Part of my strategy for building my livelihood is to first write books but put them out in e-book form. This then paves the way for me to bring it out in print form.

Just that above topic is a separate essay to expand upon. However, many folks are giving away e-books for many reasons, one of which they feel they will not bring the same money as print. And who in the heck was the person who started that?

So, what is happening is that many folks are giving away some of their best stuff in e-book form . They use the reasoning that it’s a marketing and promo tool. Excuse me, but it’s lost revenue that is available to you. It takes money from you that you could put in your pocket, and happily so. No one will think less of you, and if they do, then it’s their issue, not yours.

What I have found is that when I download a free e-book, I hardly ever get back to actually read it. It has nothing to do with it being an e-book. I read tons of stuff from my screen every single day, and I print more stuff out and read it while I’m driving or working out. However, when I pay money for an e-book, I save it in a special place, and if I had not begun to read it that moment, I make a note to read it the next day.

In fact, I purchased an e-book last night for $19.00. I was too sleepy to read it when I downloaded it but I moved some of it to word perfect and made a note about it.

So this morning I printed out a chapter and took it to read with me to workout. I have never done that with a free e-book.

This told me that the author has valued his work. I value my money. It’s a good exchange, and worthiness is felt all around. That’s good energy going after good energy.

So, what’s writing an e-book really worth? Tons of money and personal fulfillment which also adds up to fun, because I love this stuff!

What does it take to write an e-book? Time and in many cases it has taken life experience to write any book. That is worth an exchange of money. Period. Nothing to feel guilty about here. Money is A Joy and a Help to our lives, so it’s time we gladly ask and give of it to one another and the circle it goes unbroken.

Write your books, your e-books and happily exchange them for other peoples energy in the form of money. You are worth that, don’t you know that?

Breaking Down Your E-Book’s Worth
I have 3 e-books, 2 of them also in print. Eventually, the third will also go to print. But in the meantime, look what this one e-book brings me: The e-book sells for 14.95. I make about 10.50 per e-book, based on Booklocker’s deal.

From that e-book , (which I first gave partially out free as I was writing the chapters, and placing them on Yahoo, but stopped as soon as the full contents of the material was on an e-book), first came a focus group with 20 folks at $100.00 each. That focus has been completed and folks already want in the next one which is not scheduled until January. I am in the process of writing a self-study course based on that same e-book.

That self-study course will be $89.00. Also, from this one e-book I have had folks ask me to consult them on the information discussed in it. So I now have consulting related directly to the e-book.

That’s a minimum of four income streams from that one e-book of which I do not give away for free. I value what I wrote, and I honor it all. That shows up in energy that is projected from me and then shows up in forms of monetary value.

Susan James writes of User Friendly Physics to design our lives by; from Dreams Come True to Weight Loss. Her latest e-book is Manifesting Methods for Would Be Millionaires.