Taking the Time to Write

All writers have the same basic need. We need to write.

It’s hard to believe you’re a writer if you never have a chance to write. In the ultimate writer’s fantasy world you should have a set time in which you write everyday. If you have a full time job, perhaps an hour a day would be enough. If you have more flexibility and time to dedicate to your writing, maybe you could handle hours at a time of writing.

Writing is a joy, but let’s face it, it’s also work and that means that sometimes we will have to force ourselves to continue writing even when we’re not sure we have anything to say. The truth is, if writing is important to you, you will find the time to do it.

Whether you write during the day or night is not important. You need to find out how much time you need to write and when you can fit it in.

Perhaps you can ask your spouse to take the children to play one evening a week and dedicate that time to working on your novel. Or get up an hour earlier in the morning or stay up an hour later. What is most important is that if you are a writer that you make sure you get a chance to write.

Your writing time should be as interruption free as possible. One of the worst things is to be in the middle of the most wonderful idea you’ve ever had and suddenly your child has a crisis to contend with.

Crises happen but how many true emergencies occur on a daily basis? When you set up your writing time try to also set up a special activity for your family to be engaged in. For example, my daughter is allowed to play with her puzzles only while I’m writing. This way my writing time is a special and fun time for both of us and I can get more done.

Your writing time should also take into account when your mind is active, when you’re not going to be thinking about food or going to sleep. Find a time to write when you will be able to put your best storytelling forward and leave everything else behind.

Let the dishes sit for a day and the laundry can wait until tomorrow too. Take the time to write today and everyday, even if it is only for 10 or 15 minutes while your boss is taking a break to smoke.

Nicole Pauling has been writing since the third grade and was first published in sixth. That was just the beginning of her passion for writing. Current projects include a series of zombie stories, writing for a local newspaper, and online magazines.