Submitting Your Manuscript to Book Publishers without a Literary Agent

Q: How do I get an agent? Or better yet, how can I be sure my book gets read without one? -Jerry

To retain the services of a literary agent, submit a tightly written cover letter along with a sample of your material to the agents who handle your kind of project, and the agent will let you know if it’s something the agent feels s/he can sell.

To be sure your book gets read if you don’t have an agent, either: (1) have a close personal contact at the publishing house(s) who will assure you that the project will get read; or (2) submit the project to publishing houses who don’t require agented submissions. Writer’s Marketplace has a very long list of these types of publishers, and you can certainly find out others by surfing the web. You need to be sure, of course, that the publisher is reputable and they’re not going to make you pay to publish your book – reputable publishers pay you, and not the other way around.

Good luck!

Jeff Kleinman, Literary Agent
Co-Founder of
Folio Literary Management