Organizing Your Plot Structure

Looseleaf Notebooks

A majority of writers would refuse to leave the house if they couldn’t bring their notebooks with them. For this reason, many writers choose to organize their stories within their notebooks.

Keeping all of your material together is one thing but some writers take this option further. Consider purchasing a notebook with several different subject dividers. You can break your novel into sections for easier organization.

Another way to maximize the use of your notebook is by ripping it up. That’s right.

After all of your scenes are completed in your notebook, tear out the pages. Arrange the scenes any way you want.

Be sure to label the individual scenes at the top of the page. That way, you’ll be able to quickly analyze proper placement of every scene.

Quick Tip on Three-Ring Binders
Keep a three-ring binder for each of your writing projects so this short story doesn’t get mixed in with that mystery novel.

Three-Ring Binders
A best friend to many writers is the three-ring binder. You can store all of your research materials as well as every bit of your writing.

This three-ring binder should be your buddy, even traveling to the many different places you like to go. So make it a fun, creative project.

You can purchase a color binder or even of those that displays a document on the front cover. What a great place to put a homemade version of your future book jacket!

You could even find a picture of someone who looks like your main character and place it on the front cover as well. Anything to personalize your binder the way you want to.

Take your organization even further. Buy colored tab dividers. Use these to separate sections within your binder.

Sample section titles you can use include:


  • Physical Appearance
  • Scenes
  • Traits and Habits
  • Dialogue/Phrases
  • Names
  • Professions
  • Research


Customize your own three-ring binder to fit into your personal preferences. Once again, keep everything related to your writing project in your binder.