How to Barter for Self-Publishing Services

Bartering has been around as long as man. To barter is to trade something of value for a product or service instead of paying money for it.

Politicians barter to win support for pet projects. Manufacturers barter with other manufacturers for needed sales, services or supplies. Bartering works well when there is a shortage of cash, as in financially stressed times.

Bartering offers individuals and businesses a way to get needed goods or services while holding onto their cash. In the publishing business, you can trade your expertise for self-publishing services in order to publish a better quality book.

If you can edit, proofread critique, write reviews, typeset, type, ghost write, design book covers, market books, print or perform other valuable services, you can trade services with other talented individuals.

Self-publishers should try to trade for services before they pay for it. Barter deals normally require no money. But this would depend on the value of the services being traded.

Barter partners may be found online by leaving messages in forums, chat rooms or by advertising in e-zines. Your message should state the service you need and the service you are willing to render for payment. Find Web sites devoted to bartering by running keyword searches for barter, trade or swap in your favorite search engines.

Before you look for barter partners, make a list of the services you need and the services you are willing to perform in exchange.

Janet Sue Terry was born and raised in London, Kentucky. The oldest of eight children, she always had a deep appreciation for education and the arts.