Getting Your Novel Started

Getting started is the first and hardest step to writing. Many writers seem to ignore this step when daydreaming about their first novel.

But where does the novel begin if not with a brilliant idea? Well, at least a decent idea.

Some writers struggle everyday just to get something down on paper. Even the simplest sentence. Getting started on a project will never be easy, but it can get better.

In order to make getting started an easier process, a writer must start with a coherent idea. This includes any idea that both the reader and writer can clearly understand. A writer should not ramble on about a topic he or she has no experience in or knowledge of. A writer should also talk in terms the reader can understand no matter how knowledgeable the writer.

After the idea is born, there is the dilemma of getting it down on paper. A writer should write in a quiet, comfortable environment. The last thing a writer needs is to be stressed out more by his or her surroundings.

A very important step to getting started is for the writer to pace himself or herself. It is impossible for a writer to put down all the thoughts on an idea in one sitting without becoming sloppy or bored. Just set small goals for each day. A page and a half to a page of writing each day is usually enough to keep the creative juices flowing without drying them up.

Last but not least, the most important step in getting started is for the writer to relax and let his or her mind flow. Writers should never put undo pressure on themselves to write.

Getting started is the most important step in the writing process, but a writer should not fret about it. Just relax, follow these simple steps and getting started will be much easier.

Erin Capps holds a B.A. in writing with a minor in linguistics. She enjoys writing everything from poetry to non-fiction.