Everything You Need to Know about Writing an Online Novel

Online novels (text-role-playing or RPGs) have become popular with writers who enjoy creating characters and sharing their fantasies with others. The exercise can be likened to a soap opera. Much like a soap opera, the writer’s story is ongoing because he/she makes regular entries into it. The entries are critiqued by fellow writers (players).

Problems and misunderstandings sometimes arise. Writers are advised to have a clear understanding of the rules before they get involved.

There has to be a head writer who will take charge. This person (leader) should pen the part of the commander, king, queen, business owner, detective or whoever else the star may be. This places them in an ideal position to interact and support other writers.

The head writer needs a vivid imagination and must be willing to give freely of their time. This person has to be a stickler for detail, consistent and attentive with their story line. They must to be creative enough to pull bits of the disjointed story together.

In addition, the head writer has to keep track of the novel, see where everyone is in the overall plot and plan the chapters so the story flows smoothly. They also have to edit the story, hold support meetings with their fellow writers, read every entry and offer feedback and encouragement to all.

More importantly, the head writer needs to be prepared to have their own contributions ignored, since many amateur writers take, but seldom give anything in return.

The head writer automatically becomes the mentor, and as such must post every week, and sometimes even more often. There is little appreciation for the hard work one puts forth. It takes a special, self-sacrificing sort of person to offer such support to others. The lead writer must plan the plot, lay out the story and create a world with believable characters.

Next, they should draft writers guidelines. For instance what can the new writer write about? Is there a limit on how much they should post per day? Will porn be tolerated? If not, what draws the line between a romantic love scene and raw porn? How much freedom will you give your writers? Can their characters impulsively hit others? Or curse them? Or even kill them?