6 Out-of-the-Box Ways to Promote Your Writing

Whether you’ve just completed your first, third or fifth book you want to see it succeed. There are thousands of books jockeying for the readers’ attention and you want your book to be their first choice.

With these super easy tips, you can promote your book like a pro. On all the items be sure to include your book cover, Web site address, contact information and ordering information.

Magnetic Signs
Full-color magnetic signs placed on the sides of your car are the ultimate advertising tools. They’re relatively cheap. Depending on the size and design you choose, you can get a pair ranging from $18.00 to $85.00. Hundreds of people can see them on a daily basis.

Create Your Own Blog
Blogging can take your diary ramblings and turn them into a publicity-generating machine. Also, a blog is an excellent venue to showcase your writing.

A Mug
My agent, Bob Diforio, had my book cover emblazoned on a coffee mug. The mug can also serve double duty as a candy dish. If you work in an office, give one to the receptionist to use as a candy dish. That way, every visitor to the office will see it.

An Acrylic Holder
Hang an acrylic holder on your car window to hold your postcards. Whenever you stop at a store, pull out your holder. Passersby can take a postcard while you’re shopping.

Make this a family event. Have family members wear their T-shirts and/or baseball caps whenever the opportunity presents itself. At the gym, out shopping, or just out getting ice cream. Who’s best to be your walking billboards than loved ones?

Keep a copy of your book with you at all times. Just having it is bound to elicit questions. This is an especially excellent technique if you’re on public transportation. Anyone within three feet of you is bound to ask what you’re reading.

Don’t forget that you can also promote your book by writing articles, passing out postcards, facilitating a workshop and joining an assortment of professional associations and organizations.

You can tack your postcards on local bulletin boards, post your Web site on Yahoo groups, have a friend host a book signing/reading party and, finally, send press releases to independent booksellers.

Happy Promoting!

Desiree Day is the author of Crazy Love and Bourgeois Blues. She is currently working on a screenplay and her next novel.